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We're on a mission to promote & facilitate healthy active lifestyles for all age groups in our local communities.

For municipalities, businesses, and organizations seeking group fitness classes, here are some of the options we have offered in the past:


Adult Exercise Band

A fun and challenging fitness class for adults of all ages. Improve your strength and tone your muscles with gentle resistance training. An instructor will lead your full-body strength routine. With guidance, you can choose your resistance from light, medium or heavy!


Adult Balance & Flexibility

A combination of exercises and equipment for adults of all ages and ability levels to work on that important and often neglected aspect of wellness … Balance! The class includes some easy-going core strengthening as well as stretching to round out the 45 minute session.



An exciting and enjoyable way to improve your aerobic fitness level with a combination of exercise and different styles of dance. Follow the instructor’s choreography or just move to your own pace, burn some calories, and listen to some great music tracks.


Kids Boot Camp

For kids ages 5-8. Have the kids enjoy circuits including a variety of fun, energy-burning drills that will help them develop skills in movement, socialization, spatial awareness, reaction time, coordination, and more.

Adult Cardio Intervals

Use this challenging interval-style workout to strengthen and improve function of your heart, lungs and muscles. An instructor will lead you and help you modify exercises as necessary. After some regular drop-ins to this class you will feel healthier and increase your overall energy.

Family Yoga

A peaceful opportunity for the family or individuals to relax & de-stress while becoming more in-tune with your body and balance.


Adult Nordic Walk/Walking Group

For adults of all ages. Your choice to use the provided Nordic poles or just walk with the group for some light cardio and to stay strong in your posture and ability to move. Indoor or outdoor depending on weather.

Light Fitness: Parents with Babies Welcome

Use a medicine ball or other weight and have a blast with this light strength workout. Any parents with babies may use them as resistance or lie them down beside you as the instructor takes you through an easy-going full body workout.



A stress-reducing yoga session where you can work on your stability and become more in tune with your body in a calm, relaxing environment. Mats are provided or you may bring your own.

Kids & Youth Dodgeball

A Brief warm-up and skills practice followed by different team and solo dodgeball games on the court. Age groups will be separated appropriately and games will be refereed. The most fun you can have while working up a sweat after school!


Youth Fitness

For youth ages 9-15. Enjoy a 45 minute circuit-style workout with lots of equipment and stimulating exercises. A great opportunity to work on skills that will help in sports or just come improve your fitness and socialize.


Family Fun Exercise

A circuit of various exercise tasks for all ages to challenge their agility, speed, strength, balance, and power. An exciting way for adults, kids, and families to improve fitness levels while working through different exercise stations and equipment. An opportunity for some quality family time or personal time!


Adult Strength

For adults of all ages. A full body strength workout with dumbbells that will keep your muscles strong and toned. Choose the weights that are right for you and follow the trainer’s lead, modifications, and feedback for a safe, effective workout. Dumbbell weights ranging from 3-20lbs.


Stretching & Mobility

Leave your tense and tight muscles behind as you improve your range of motion and flexibility for many of your muscles and joints. The class includes various positions of stretching, use of stretch straps, bands, and tools for soft tissue release. An instructor will lead, time, and modify your stretches as needed.

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