10 Reasons to Work on Your Fitness:


1. Decrease Your Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases Throughout Life


2. Lower Blood Pressure and Be in Good      Standing for Life Insurance Coverage


3. Manage Hypertension and Diabetes


4. Be Active and enjoy Playing with Your        Children or Grandchildren


5. Manage Your Pain by Keeping Joints Mobile and Soft Tissue Stretched


6. Improve Speed, Strength, Agility, and Power  in your Competitive or Recreational Sports


7. Safe & Effective Pre or Post-Rehab Strengthening


8. Achieve a Body Composition That Makes You Happy and Confident


9. Slow the Process of Muscle Wasting and Bone Degeneration That Occurs with Old Age


10. Feel More Energetic With Your Daily Tasks



Pro Pulse Health is a mobile fitness service  providing  support and advice to help you achieve fitness & a healthy lifestyle at your convenience. It's our vision to be leaders in proactive healthcare in our community.
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The Pro Pulse approach is designed to help you thrive!
We owe it to ourselves, our family and our friends to experience and express good health. Live with vitality and confidence. Provide your body with the foundation to age well.
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The mobile fitness service is available for all ages and fitness levels. We are open to residents of the following locations and their surrounding areas:
Orangeville    Shelburne    Caledon    Georgetown    Guelph    Grand Valley    Fergus    Erin    Hillsburgh    Bolton    Brampton    Arthur 
We're committed to providing you with the most up to date personal training and advice from the worlds of health, nutrition, and exercise science. With years of experience in rehab clinics and gyms, we will tailor programs to help you improve the condition of your fitness and your pain. With the mobile gym, we will provide you with the equipment, training  and information you need to live actively and exercise efficiently at the convenience of your home, workplace, nearby park, you name it.
It's our passion to help you figure out what a healthy lifestyle means to you.

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Jon Bell


CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer

E-mail: ProPulseHealth@gmail.com

Phone: 519-216-1197

Q&A Session + Gym Tour


A 15 minute session with a personal trainer to ask about our services, tour our home gym, and just chat health & fitness.

Where: Orangeville

When: Book an appointment, we'll get you in as soon as possible.


Mobile Gym Availability
The mobile gym is operational from March - September. In-home training is available throughout the year. Training at our home gym in Orangeville is available from October - February.

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